Ceramic and porcelain tiles offer almost limitless opportunities for self expression in the creation of an environment that will provide an enchanting ambience while withstanding the deteriorating effects of wear, tear, weather and insects.

With their extremely low porosity, Platinum Ceramics Industry tiles won’t stain and are impervious to rot.

Every single tile produced by Platinum Ceramics Industry is checked, both automatically by computer and by expert eye, for size, accuracy, flatness, colour, and defects.

Platinum Ceramics Industry fields two leading brands.


Platinum Ceramics comprises wall and floor tile ceramics of International quality, in a wide variety of urbane and world-class designs, in elegant tones and colors.

We provide dedicated hotline and customer relation services especially to Platinum Ceramics customers to guarantee satisfaction and complete enjoyment.

If perfection is your goal, your building will feel incomplete without Platinum Ceramics.


Asia Tile

Asia Tile provides high quality wall and floor tile ceramics at affordable prices. Asia Tiles are available in a wide variety of attractive colors and unique designs.

Professional Asia Tile marketing staff members are located throughout Indonesia to provide reliable customer service and to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Your home will look more colourful and feel more alive with Asia Tile ceramics.