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Corporate Social Responsibility

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All manufacturing is carried out within strict adherence to the company’s policy of responsibility towards the protection of the natural environment and the well being of communities with which it is involved.

Everything used in the manufacturing process is recycled … no toxic waste is produced … no tainted effluent is released into the local water table … and low profile but significant support is giving to local communities to improve infrastructure, facilities and the quality of their lives.


PCI Blood Donation

Every single year, Platinum Ceramics Industry teams up with the Indonesian Red Cross (IRC) to perform a joint blood-donation activity. The activity is conducted at the Karang Pilang factory and monitored by a team of specialist from the IRC.


Visits to Orphanages

Visits to orphanages are usually organized by the company’s corporate management and factory team. The choice of orphanages visited depends on proposals received or previous reviews by the company’s survey team. As part of the visit, the team gives aid in the form of cash, food, clothes, and other requisites to support the orphanages’ daily operational activities.


Green Movement

In favor of green movement activities, the company often organizes tree planting programs around the location of the Karang Pilang factory. To support the programs, all factories of PT Platinum Ceramics Industry are also designed to recycle all production waste for reducing the wasted remains.


Assistance for Helping Natural Disaster-Affected Areas

PT Platinum Ceramics Industry consistently supports the rehabilitation programs in natural disaster-affected areas to help accelerate development in those locations. The company distributes its support in cash or in the form of PT Platinum Ceramics Industry produced-ceramics, either directly or through government foundations relating to the programs.