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Planning your décor … selecting the right tiles … choosing the right color schemes … fitting, finishing and maintaining your new tiled surface might seem daunting but there is plenty of advice available to help you.

At Platinum Ceramics Industry we are always here to advise you, but there are also a number of very useful guides you might like to consult.


Tips for Making A Small House Looked More Spacious

  • Use large ceramic tiles if you want to make a small room look more spacious.
  • Avoid using a wide variety of colors and motifs in a small house because it will make the house look smaller and crowded. 
  • Focus on choosing light-colored ceramics and stay away from dark- colored ones for tiling a small room.
  • Attach a mirror to one part of your room space. The mirror’s reflection will create the illusion of a more spacious room.


Tips for Choosing Ceramic Tiles

  • Feel free to mix and match colors.
  • Consider trends to enhance your interior concepts, divide room areas, add personal flair and create focal points.
  • Do not just select dark-color or light-color schemes for wall tiles. Instead, consider motifs and designed ceramics that will bring personality to your room. Tiles with designs are often used in decorative borders and insets. 


Tips for Tiling Small Bathrooms

  • Apply bright-color ceramic tiles and paint, as dark color schemes could make your bathroom appear smaller than it is.
  • Having a small bathroom does not restrict you to small ceramic tiles. Applying large ceramic tiles can help make your bathroom feel spacious and elegant.
  • Avoid having too many accessories in a small bathroom, whether attached accessories (e.g. ceramic decorations) or fittings/furniture. Instead, go for multifunction racks and accessories which will organize your products while keeping a maintaning a clean surface space.
  • When selecting a mirror for your bathroom, a frameless design will create space and airiness.
  • Add an access to only one side of the walls. This will make the room look wider and deeper.
  • Avoid installing ceramics wall tiles too high. The ideal height range for a small bathroom is between 175 cm and 225 cm. This is to prevent a chimney like appearance.


Tips for Types of Ceramics Suitable For Styles of Home Design

  • Minimalist : Solid-colored and simple-styled ceramics are suitable for minimalist-home designs. The tiles are usually paired with natural stone and other similar sorts of materials.
  • Classic : Ceramics with a marble motive and natural color scheme are suitable for classic-styled homes. Ceramic tiles with glossy surfaces are also more compatible with this style.
  • Contemporary : This interior style can be inspired by colorful and geometric-patterned ceramics. Solid-colored tiles can be used in a contemporary interior to create original mosaics.
  • Traditional : Suitable for rustic-surfaced ceramic tiles in terracotta shades.


How to Maintain Ceramics

Maintaining ceramics is effortless because they are so easy to clean. Following are some tips used to maintain ceramics:

  • Routinely remove the dust from ceramic floors/walls to prevent stuck-on dirt. 
  • Mop ceramic floors and wipe ceramic walls using tile-cleaning solutions containing disinfectants to destroy microorganisms and to remove stuck-on dirt like grease, mould, stains, and fungus.